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Temporary speed limits explained

Dynamic speed limit sign

Speed limit signs

While every driver is familiar with permanent speed limit signs, temporary speed limits, often imposed due to construction, accidents, or special events, rely on visibility and clarity. These signs must stand out, ensuring that drivers quickly recognize the change in permissible speed. Sign materials and design thus become essential.

Solar powered dynamic traffic sign 1

” Quickly adapt to changing roads.

PVMS in traffic management

Prismatic Variable Message Signs (PVMS) have gained traction in modern traffic management. These dynamic signs, can be easily adjusted to display different messages, including changes in speed limits. Their flexibility and ability to convey real-time information make PVMS indispensable, especially on enhanced mobile carriageway vehicles that require frequent updates.

Temporary road signs

Temporary dynamic road signs show the right speed at specific moments of the day and make it possible for road users to benefit from reduced journey times during off peak operations, while the workforce are protected by a lower speed limit during working hours or incidents.