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Rotapanel is a trailblazer in traffic management solutions. We continue to push our boundaries by offering an extensive range of Prismatic Variable Message Signs (PVMS). These signs are adaptable to all your needs and scenarios. Our product range includes gantry PVMS, tunnel PVMS, hybrid signs, and multiple drive signs. We also provide variable speed limit signs, hard shoulder lane signs, and customs and toll signs.

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Our rotapanel signs have been placed in over 120 countries around the world.


Over 25.000 Rotapanel signs have been installed


We have over 60 years of experience in the industry


Our extensive PVMS offer

Gantry PVMS are crucial in overhead installations, where they effectively communicate traffic information to road users. Similarly, Tunnel PVMS enhance safety within tunnels, providing necessary warnings and guidance to drivers. Hybrid Signs give traffic authorities a flexible tool to display both variable and static messages, catering to changing traffic conditions. Multiple Drive signs allow you to control multiple sections separately, allowing you to show much more than 3 different messages, offering versatility in communication.


In the realm of speed regulation, Variable Speed Limit Signs are invaluable. These signs adapt the speed limit in real-time to maintain optimal traffic flow and improve road safety. Hard Shoulder Lane Signs play a significant role in controlling lane usage, particularly in situations where hard shoulders are temporarily opened for traffic to ease congestion. Lastly, Customs and Toll Signs help streamline the process at customs checkpoints and toll booths, guiding drivers efficiently through these areas.

Our different product solutions

Hybrid prismatic VMS Croatia 1

Hybrid signs represent the perfect fusion of static and dynamic messaging in traffic signage. By combining the ever-present static message with the flexible variable component, they offer the ideal platform to deliver critical traffic information. Whether it’s indicating road conditions or providing updates about lane closures, Rotapanel’s hybrid signs ensure the essential details are always visible.

Multiple drive PVMS

When it comes to signs that require a high degree of control and flexibility, multiple drives are an optimal solution. This technology splits the sign into various sections, each of these sections can be independently remote controlled. This allows you to communicate a large variety of combined messages on a single Rotapanel Prismatic Variable Message Sign. Many of our customers have successfully applied a multiple drive solution to show at least 12 messages on a single sign.

Dynamic speed limit sign the Netherlands

Variable speed limit signs allow you to dynamically adjust speed limits based on road conditions or work zone activity. The signs can be linked to a control system which monitors them in real-time. When a speed change is requested, the system will check that all signs are connected and will authorize and action a simultaneous speed change. It allows traffic to flow freely and imposes speed restrictions as required.

Dynamic hard shoulder lane sign

Managing lane usage during peak times or emergencies is made easy with hard shoulder lane signs. These signs allow authorities to open hard shoulder lanes to traffic, when necessary, effectively managing congestion and ensuring smooth traffic flow. Rotapanel’s high-quality, clear visibility signs ensure drivers are well-informed about lane status, contributing to safer and more efficient roadways.

Dynamic toll booth sign

In places where efficient communication is critical, such as customs points and toll stations, clear and dynamic signage is crucial. Rotapanel’s customs & toll signs are designed to effectively communicate variable information such as lane usage, payment methods, or tariffs. These signs offer a sustainable and reliable solution for managing traffic at these key points.

Superior quality and advanced technology

What sets Rotapanel apart is the high-quality build and advanced technology integrated into each sign. The PVMS technology involves prismatic aluminum profiles that rotate to display different messages, enabling authorities to manage traffic flow effectively. The signs consume power only when transitioning between messages, making them especially energy efficient. The robust construction of these signs, coupled with state-of-the-art electronic components, ensures high reliability and longevity in the field. 

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