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traffic solutions worldwide


Rotapanel represents the high-quality standard in the world of prismatic VMS signs for traffic applications.

Over 25.000 Rotapanel VMS have been installed across the globe.

Our technology

At Rotapanel, technology is the cornerstone of our operations. For over half a century, we’ve been innovating and refining our proprietary systems to deliver top-notch Prismatic Variable Message Signs (PVMS). Harnessing the power of cutting-edge machinery and our patented low-friction drive system, we’ve revolutionized the way our products are made. Explore our technology, the heartbeat of our durable, efficient, and maintenance-free solutions.

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Prismatic CMS rotating system 1

Our patented Prismatic VMS rotational system guarantees a seamless rotation of the prisms. This self-lubricating system ensures trouble-free operation, virtually minimizing the need for maintenance. You can rest assured that each prism will remain perfectly flat, eliminating the necessity for periodic calibration.

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Advanced CNC machinery 1

Our manufacturing process incorporates contemporary and advanced production techniques, making extensive use of CNC machines. Rigorous inspections are conducted at various stages to guarantee the utmost precision is upheld throughout the entire process.

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PVMS electronic controller 2

The RP-2000 electronic controller by Rotapanel boasts a diverse range of connectivity options, ensuring seamless integration into your application. This controller series has established a strong and dependable track record since 1999, having been meticulously engineered, manufactured, and rigorously tested in the Netherlands.

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CMS certificates EN12966

Starting from 2008, Rotapanel has consistently met the European Union’s standards as a producer of dynamic variable message signs. This certification authorizes us to affix the CE-EN12966 mark on our traffic signs. For decades, we have been delivering PVMS signs to more than 120 countries worldwide.

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