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Harnessing solar energy for smart traffic signs

Solar powered dynamic traffic sign 7

The need for smart traffic signs

In an era dominated by technological advancements, our roadways are undergoing a transformation. Smart traffic signs are the perfect answer to modern-day traffic challenges. Variable message signs are wireless in every aspect, they are powered by solar energy and use wireless communication, so there is no need for cable excavation and the installation time for these signs is therefore very short.


Solar powered dynamic traffic sign 6

” Reduce energy consumption by a factor of up to 1000 compared to LED VMS.

How solar-powered signs work

Equipped with solar panels, these smart signs harness sunlight, converting it into electricity. This stored energy powers the sign, eliminating the need for external power sources. This efficiency of this system is optimized to the point where it also functions without any trouble during cloudy days or during nighttime.

Benefits of wireless communication

One major advantage of smart traffic signs is their capability for wireless communication. By eliminating the need for inconvenient cabling and underground wiring, deployment becomes easier and more flexible. Moreover, wireless tech allows for real-time updates, syncing multiple signs and making roadways more adaptive and responsive.