Traffic Prism Signs (PVMS)

Rotapanel's EN-12966 certified traffic prism signs have become the standard for prismatic variable message signs. Rotapanel is a well-known name in the world of VMS signs for traffic applications, over 10.000 Rotapanel PVMS have already been installed across the globe. Save up to 1000 times power compared to LED displays of a similar size with our unique patented prismatic VMS system. Governments from Switzerland to New Zealand have been satisfied users of Rotapanel VMS for decades.

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Save up to 1000 times power compared to LED

Both mechanically and electronically we primarily use the most reliable and best performing components available, these features give our prismatic variable message signs unparalleled field uptime. Our passion for technology translates directly into our products. This results in traffic signs that are easy to install and that last for years. Over 25.000 Rotapanel signs have been installed in over 120 countries around the world.

  • Gantry PVMS

    Overhead gantry PVMS signs that show motorists and other road users in the right direction. The PVMS system allows you to change the sign face depending on the traffic situation quickly.

  • Tunnel PVMS

    Clear and reliable traffic signs are the key to safety. Our PVMS solutions have proven to be versatile and reliable. Our signs can be found world-wide in the most demanding applications.

  • Hybrid signs - Build in PVMS

    With hybrid signs, you ensure flexibility in your messaging. Ideal for situations that often change over time or depending on certain conditions. We are always available to help create the sign that fits your situation.

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  • Multiple drives

    Rotapanel Prismatic VMS are not just limited to 3 different images. By adding multiple drive systems in 1 PVMS we create great variety making it perfectly suitable for complex infrastructural situations.

  • Variable speed limit signs

    Speed limit signs that show the right speed at specific moments of the day. Our speed limit signs are maintenance free and you’re guaranteed of the high quality of Dutch design.

  • Solar Powered Prismatic VMS

    The great advantage of our prismatic variable message signs is that they only require a small amount of power. Therefore they are ideal for low power solar applications.

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  • Hard shoulder lane signs

    Prismatic variable message signs (PVMS) are utilized in order to improve a balanced traffic flow during rush-hours. This in order to minimize traffic jams and maximize safety on highways.

  • Customs and toll signs

    PVMS traffic lane guidance, easily remote or locally controlled by means of a rotary switch.

  • Various PVMS

    The most effective way to show multiple traffic messages in the same sign with rotating prisms. Show warnings, diversion routes or (semi)permanent traffic situations anywhere.


If you have questions, please just let us know.
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  • Our technology

    We have a passion for technology in our hearts. As a family business since 1964 we continue to strive for the highest quality. We achieve this by using state-of-the art machinery and keeping technological developments in-house.

  • Precision Manufacturing

    We like to welcome you in our factory, our products are manufactured under strict quality control in our 7.000 sqm factory in the Netherlands.

  • RP-2000 Controller

    The DIN-rail mountable RP-2000 controller is supporting state of the art industrial standard protocols i.e. RS-485, Modbus and Profibus. Wide range parallel inputs and floating acknowledgement.

  • EN-12966 Certificates

    Delivering quality is our foremost concern when designing signs. The proof of this high quality is found in the certificates we have acquired regarding our traffic signs. We delivered PVMS signs in over 120 countries for decades. Rotapanel signs are already approved and fully compliant to the EN12966:2014+A1:2018 standard.