Our patented Prismatic VMS Rotating System

Our patented Prismatic VMS rotation system ensures a smooth turning of the prisms in your signs. This system guarantees each prism will remain perfectly flat, even after a decade of use, eliminating the need for any periodic calibration. Our patented drive system is self-lubricating and ensures a hassle-free operation, rendering maintenance almost negligible.


What our PVMS rotating system offers

Our system is maintenance free

Each prism has its individual transmission with a large blocking surface, every image is therefore positioned perfectly flat, even after 10 years of usage. And therefore, no periodical calibration or re-adjustment of prisms is required.

Our system is patented

To ensure smooth turning of the prisms in your signs we developed our unique patented PVMS rotation system, which is self-lubricating due to the addition of 15% PTFE (Teflon) on the driving parts.

Our system performs well in a wide temperature range

All bearings are sealed and lubricated with special high stability grease that will remain its viscosity over a very wide temperature range e.g. the grease will not get stiff at low temperatures.

Our system has an extremely long service life

We ensure minimal friction; the system starts without load, has a low starting torque and there is neglectable stick-slip in the mechanism. Our system guarantees hassle free operation and maintenance becomes negligible.

Product specifications

Prismatic VMS prism types

We offer a range of prisms to meet varying project requirements. Maximum prism width and height in 1 part (without divider):

  • 100 mm max. width 4.000 mm, max. height 5.000 mm
  • 125 mm max. width 5.000 mm, max. height 6.000 mm
  • 160 mm max. width 7.000 mm, max. height 7.000 mm

Prismatic VMS profile types
  • Our standard profile type PRF 61 is supporting 100 mm prisms
  • Our optional profile type PRF 62 is supporting 125 mm and 160 mm prisms

Prismatic VMS motor

Our motors and gearboxes are produced by Oriental Motors in Japan. Although the dimensions and shape of our motor suggest otherwise, our motor is only 9 watts. We can achieve this due to our unique patented low-friction mechanism.

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Advanced CNC machinery 3

Our manufacturing process incorporates contemporary and advanced production techniques, making extensive use of CNC machines. Rigorous inspections are conducted at various stages to guarantee the utmost precision is upheld throughout the entire process.

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PVMS electronic controller 4

The RP-2000 electronic controller by Rotapanel boasts a diverse range of connectivity options, ensuring seamless integration into your application. This controller series has established a strong and dependable track record since 1999, having been meticulously engineered, manufactured, and rigorously tested in the Netherlands.

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VPS certificates EN12966

Starting from 2008, Rotapanel has consistently met the European Union’s standards as a producer of dynamic variable message signs. This certification authorizes us to affix the CE-EN12966 mark on our traffic signs. For decades, we have been delivering PVMS signs to more than 120 countries worldwide.

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