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Things to consider when buying a LED display

Things to consider 3

Purpose and location

Start by defining the purpose of your LED display and its intended location. Will it serve as outdoor advertising, an indoor digital sign, or a large-scale event screen? Knowing this helps determine factors like size, pixel pitch, brightness, and durability. Consider the environment where the LED display will operate. Outdoor displays need weatherproofing and high brightness, while indoor displays may require specific resolutions and viewing angles.



” Choosing the right, energy efficient, LED display is crucial for visual success.

Resolution, viewing distance, and content management

Select the appropriate resolution and pixel pitch based on viewing distance. For close-up indoor displays, a smaller pitch is essential for clarity. Larger outdoor screens can have a slightly larger pitch due to the viewing distance. Lastly, consider how you’ll manage content. Look for user-friendly software and connectivity options to ensure seamless updates and control.

Crucial factors for smart LED display investments

When choosing a supplier, it is important not only to look at the initial purchase price, but also to take energy efficiency into account, as this has a huge impact on the TCO (total cost of ownership). Make sure you choose an energy efficient LED screen, high-quality LEDs combined with high quality components ensures that power usage is optimized. These considerations are vital to ensure that your TCO will be minimized and your LED display effectively serves its intended function and provides long-term value.