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Understanding pixel pitch and viewing distance in LED displays

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Pixel pitch

Pixel pitch (resolution) refers to the distance between individual pixels on an LED display. The pixel pitch you need, depends on the viewing distance. Smaller pixel pitch means pixels are closer together, resulting in higher resolution and image clarity. For applications with smaller viewing distances, a smaller pixel pitch ensures crisp visuals, while larger displays can have a slightly larger pixel pitch due to the viewing distance.


Pixel pitch LED display 3

” Pixel pitch and viewing distance are crucial for LED display clarity.

Finding the sweet spot for viewing distance

Viewing distance is the space between the viewer and the LED display. It directly correlates with pixel pitch. An outdoor LED billboard with a larger pixel pitch requires a longer viewing distance for optimal clarity. For example, a resolution of 20 mm has a minimum viewing distance of approx. 20 meters. A resolution of 10 mm has a minimum viewing distance of approx.10 meters and so on.

Mastering pixel pitch and viewing distance for LED displays

In summary, pixel pitch and viewing distance are interconnected factors that significantly impact the clarity and effectiveness of LED displays. By carefully considering these elements, you can ensure your LED display communicates your message effectively and captivates your audience, whether indoors or outdoors.