Unleashing potential with outdoor trivision advertising

At Rotapanel, we offer outdoor trivision billboards that deliver maximum advertising impact. Designed to engage your audience, our billboards allow you to display three unique messages on a single platform, ensuring optimal visibility and brand exposure. Let us take you through the benefits of our outdoor trivision billboards and how they can enhance your advertising campaigns.



Our rotapanel signs have been placed in over 120 countries around the world.


Over 25.000 Rotapanel signs have been installed


We have over 60 years of experience in the industry

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Versatile applications with outdoor trivision billboards

Whether you’re targeting local customers or reaching a wide audience, our trivision billboards offer versatile applications. From bustling city centers to highways and tourist destinations, our billboards have been installed in over 120 countries worldwide. With our proven expertise and expansive reach, you can trust that your advertising message will reach its intended audience effectively.

Roof mounted trivision sign

Customizable outdoor trivision advertising solutions

We understand the importance of aligning your advertising strategy with your brand’s unique identity. That’s why we offer fully customizable trivision billboards to fit your specific requirements. We offer wide sizing options and work closely with you to create a billboard that represents your brand effectively.

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High quality trivision billboards

Our commitment to reliability means that we primarily utilize the most reliable and best-performing components available. This not only minimizes maintenance efforts but also enhances the overall reliability of our billboards. Every trivision billboard is manufactured in the Netherlands, adhering to the high-quality standards of Dutch design.

Gantry ultrawave display

Energy efficient advertising

Trivision billboards are not only dynamic and attention-grabbing but also energy-efficient. These billboards are designed to minimize power consumption while delivering impactful messages. Their energy-efficient technology allows them to operate efficiently, reducing both electricity costs and environmental impact.

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Power your trivision billboard with solar power

Trivision billboards can be a great fit for solar power integration. By harnessing the power of the sun, they can operate independently of the grid, making them an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice for outdoor advertising. This makes them a smart choice for advertisers looking to make a positive impact while maximizing their message’s visibility.