LED Billboards

Experience the Rotapanel difference with our digital LED billboard solutions. With our rich experience in the industry we manufacture custom made solutions that fit your needs. High service and quality level have always been our starting point.

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With a Rotapanel LED billboard you choose high quality, service and durability. With our many years of experience in the industry we have been able to elevate our production site to create high quality billboards that are fully customized to your needs.

  • Big LED Billboards

    We are able to produce LED billboards of nearly any size. Our largest billboard produced so far was over 520m2. Do you have the next big LED billboard challenge for us? Let us know and we’ll look into the best solution for you.

  • Outdoor LED billboards

    High resolution outdoor LED billboards are the ideal way to communicate your message to your audience anywhere. Our outdoor LED billboards have been used in various complex and well known projects in countries worldwide.

Do you have a project?

If you have a project, please just let us know.
Our devoted and dedicated team of product specialists is always here to assist and help you realize your project in the most cost-effective way.

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  • Urban LED screen

    LED screens in urban environments need to blend in with the environment but still stand out enough to make your visuals catch the eye of your audience. UrbanLED, the ideal LED screen for your application.

  • Easy to deploy LED screens

    Our LED screens are easy to deploy. We’ve made assembling the screen on-site as easy as possible. Changing the visuals you’re showing is just as easy. If you need assistance with the deployment of your LED screen, we’re happy to assist you.


If you have questions, please just let us know.
Our devoted and dedicated team of product specialists are always here to assist you when you have questions.

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