Indoor Trivisions

Trivision signs can also be used indoors, for instance at business fairs. With the trivision signs you can show your branding, alternating with other helpful information for visitors.

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  • Indoor trivisions in various sizes

    Even indoors, the size of trivision signs can be big. Other indoor situations require extra small trivisions. Whatever your needs are, we are happy to help you deliver the ideal trivision for your situation.

  • Eye-catching indoor visuals

    The design of our trivision signs makes your advertisement stand out even more. The design is made to let your advertisement stand out while still blending in with the environment.

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  • Trivisions in public spaces

    Public spaces like malls and public transport stations are great places to show advertisements. With our trivision signs, you can display various advertisements and replace them in just a few minutes.

  • Trivisions at business fairs

    Business fairs are a collection of advertisements in stands, signs, gadgets, and more. Ensure your information stands out from this crowd by using one of our trivision signs to communicate your message.

Specific requirements?

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  • Trivisions in exhibition booths

    Add a trivision sign to your exhibition booth for a genuinely attention-grabbing stand. Don’t let visitors walk past your booth, and make sure even people across the hall know where to find you!

  • Trivisions in shops

    Trivision signs in shops are a great way to show your latest discounts and special offers. Simply change the slide-ins of the prisms when your discounts and special offers change!


If you have questions, please just let us know.
Our devoted and dedicated team of product specialists are always here to assist you when you have questions.

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