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Trivision mechanism and prism types

Rotapanel mechanism 2

The unparalleled Trivision drive system

Rotapanel’s Trivision billboards boast a patented drive system, which stands out for its low maintenance requirements. This self-lubricating mechanism, unique to our brand, translates to near-zero maintenance needs, granting advertisers peace of mind. Furthermore, this system holds the distinction of being the lightest-running globally, ensuring optimal efficiency and minimized energy usage.


Rotapanel prism types

” Efficiency in every rotation.

Different prism types

The prisms on our Trivision billboards come in varying types and dimensions, designed to suit diverse advertising needs. In order to accommodate a quick and easy way of changing sign faces, Rotapanel has various prism options available; solid 100 mm, solid 125 mm, slide-in 100 mm, slide-in 125 mm and split-ALU 100 mm.

Prism types explained

With solid prims, you apply self-adhesive foil directly to the aluminum profiles. With slide-in prisms there is no need for self-adhesive foil, just slide-in the printed plastic strips and a sign face for an entire 60 square meter panel can be replaced within 10 minutes. Split-ALU prisms are another alternative for quick sign face changes. Depending on your application we can provide the best and most cost effective solution.