Variable speed limit signs

Speed limit signs that show the right speed at specific moments of the day. Our speed limit signs are maintenance free and you’re guaranteed of the high quality of Dutch design.

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Traffic speed limit signs

Changing speeds depending on the weather or traffic situation? Or a diversion route for specific situations? Anything is possible with our traffic signs. Depending on your needs we design traffic prism signs for any situation and in any size. Our more than 55 years of experience in this industry shows throughout the entire process.

  • Variable and flexible

    Cost effective, reliable and a rugged design. Another differentiator of our PVMS is low power consumption. When a sign face is positioned the power consumption becomes negligible, were led speed limit signs always need power.

  • Enclosed signs

    In harsh environments, such as in tunnels, loss of luminance is caused by rapid build-up of pollution on retro reflecting elements. In these situations our customers utilize our kits in their internally illuminated enclosures.

Specific requirements?

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  • Temporary road signs

    The Award-Winning Dynamic Speed Sign makes it possible for road users to benefit from reduced journey times during off peak operations, while the workforce are protected by a lower speed limit during working hours or incidents.

  • Harsh environments

    In some environments there is build-up of snow due to road cleaning. In these situations enclosed prismatic variable message signs, internally illuminated and heated, are being utilized. This in order to maximize visibility.

  • Low weight speed limit sign

    Speed limit signs that show the right speed at specific moments of the day. This in order to improve a balanced traffic flow during rush-hours and maximize safety on highways.


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