Rotapanel's RP-2000 electronic controller offers a wide variety of connection options in order to provide easy integration in your application. The RP-2000 controller series have a proven and reliable reputation since 1999, engineered, designed, manufactured and fully tested in the Netherlands, this to assure the highest level of quality and performance.

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  • Mounting standard DIN-35 rails, optional flat flange mounting
  • Wide range of inputs and floating confirmation of current aspect and status
  • Local operating mode by means of optional rotary switch

You will find a wide variety of examples in our application notes.

If your application demands any specific requirements please let us now as we might already have the solution for you.

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  • RP-2000 Controller

    The RP-2000 controller comes in various AC or DC versions. We offer connection plugs for fast and error free installation. The variety of control options and build-in expansion slot offers everything you need to connect and control.

  • Profibus-DP Slave

    If you require seamless integration of PVMS into your Profibus architecture, Rotapanel offers a proven and reliable fully certified Profibus-DP slave.

  • Modbus RTU Slave

    Rotapanel offers a wide variety of proven and reliable Modbus slave solutions with various transmission speeds and features such as automatic ice breaking/anti-frost functions etc.

  • Sensors

    The position sensors in our signs are digital inductive proximity switches (no mechanical contacts), this to assure longevity in operation over a very wide range of temperatures without any failures or need for re-adjustment.


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