Rotapanel Prismatic VMS are not just limited to 3 different images. By adding multiple drive systems in 1 PVMS we create great variety, making it perfectly suitable for complex infrastructural situations.

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The technology of multiple drives

Rotapanel Prismatic VMS are often equipped with 4-6 independent sections in 1 frame. Each with its own motor and electronic control. Every one of these sections can be independently remote controlled. This allows you to communicate a large variety of combined messages on a single Rotapanel Prismatic Variable Message Sign. The number of possible sections is unlimited. For example; a sign with 4 motors can show up to 3x3x3x3=81 different theoretical combinations/images.

  • Multiple drives

    Many of our customers have successfully applied a multiple drive solution in their signs to show at least 12 messages, you can imagine the potential and the overall cost savings you can reach with this solution.

  • How does it work

    Standard our frames support up to 4 internal motors. Each motor can show 3 messages, so by adding additional motors, the number of possibilities is almost endless.

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  • Examples

    Sections of the sign can be controlled individually for opening and closing hard shoulder lanes, re-routing exits and smart traffic balancing when needed. This in order to reduce total transit times and maximize road safety.

  • Benefits

    • Small overall footprint caring many messages
    • Most reliable solution compared to other available technologies
    • Low power and cost effective solution

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