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Things to consider when buying a Prismatic VMS traffic sign

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The importance of durability

When considering a PVMS (Prismatic Variable Message Sign) for traffic applications, it’s tempting to lean towards the most affordable option. However, it’s crucial to assess the product’s durability. A slightly cheaper product that often malfunctions can lead to frequent road closures, resulting in high indirect costs.

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” True cost lies beyond initial expenses, longevity saves in the long run.

Hidden costs of frequent repairs

In general, repairs to or above roads should be conducted at night, and such repairs are extremely costly. Even if a specific PVMS has a marginally lower purchase price, frequent malfunctions dramatically increase the total cost of ownership. Investing in a more reliable, albeit slightly more expensive, PVMS can yield profits in the form of reduced maintenance and associated road closure costs.

Key features to prioritize

It is crucial to select a product with a proven track record of durability and reliability, where thorough consideration has also been given to minimizing maintenance needs. In addition to sustainability, potential buyers should also consider other essential features. Wireless connectivity ensures seamless message updates, while energy efficiency (e.g., compatibility with solar power) can reduce operational costs.