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Solar-powered Trivision signs: energy efficient advertising

Solar powered trivision display

The efficiency of Rotapanel Trivision signs

Rotapanel Trivision signs have revolutionized the advertising landscape. Unlike traditional billboards that remain static, these signs use rotating prisms to display multiple messages and generate huge attention value. The beauty lies in their energy efficiency: they only consume power during rotation, making their energy usage comparable to, or even less than, an average living room light.


” Low power consumption, high impact.

Perfect match with solar power

Given the low-energy requirement of Rotapanel Trivision signs, they’re an ideal candidate for solar-powered applications. By integrating solar panels, these advertising boards can operate autonomously, drawing energy from the sun. This not only reduces electricity costs but also minimizes the environmental footprint of the advertising medium.

The added benefits of going solar

Beyond sustainability, solar-powered Trivision signs also offer practical benefits. They can be installed in remote locations and there is no need for cable excavation because grid connectivity is not necessary. This flexibility will save installation costs, expands advertising reach and provides an opportunity to target previously inaccessible audiences. It’s a win-win, both for the environment and advertisers.