Various Projects

Over 25.000 Rotapanel displays of different kinds have been placed around the world in over 120 countries and we would love to share some of these projects with you.
  • Traffic Gantry PVMS

    From small to large and even extra-large traffic signs, Rotapanel's unique and reliable mechanism keeps performing.

  • Hard shoulder lane signs

    Prismatic variable message signs (PVMS) are utilized in order to improve a balanced traffic flow during rush-hours.

  • Tunnel PVMS

    On locations where any degree of service or downtime has massive complications, the highest levels of availability and reliability are demanded.

  • Customs and toll signs

    PVMS traffic lane guidance, easily remote or locally controlled by means of a rotary switch.

  • Hybrid Prismatic Traffic Signs

    With horizontal or vertical prisms our most trusted signs are being the dynamic part of larger fixed traffic signs.

  • Multiple drive PVMS

    By adding multiple drive systems in 1 PVMS we create great variety, making it perfectly suitable for complex infrastructural situations.

  • Gantry PVMS Poland

    The gantry PVMS system allows you to change the sign face depending on the traffic situation quickly.

  • Gantry PVMS Israël

    The rugged design and proven technology of PVMS guarantees maximum operating reliability with minimum maintenance costs.

  • Gantry PVMS New Zealand

    Our gantry PVMS are known for their low maintenance, reliability and unparalleled field uptime.

  • Gantry PVMS Switzerland

    A diversion route depending on the weather or traffic situation? Anything is possible with our traffic signs.

  • Tunnel PVMS

    Reliable performance in Prismatic Variable Message Signs (PVMS)

  • Tunnel PVMS Hong Kong

    Clear and reliable traffic signs are the key to safety. Our signs can be found world-wide in the most demanding applications.

  • Tunnel PVMS New Zealand

    The patented prism positioning creates a flat image surface, even after many years of use.

  • Hybrid PVMS Switzerland

    With hybrid signs, you ensure flexibility in your messaging. Ideal for situations that often change over time or depending on certain conditions.

  • Hybrid PVMS New Zealand

    We are always available to help create the sign that fits your situation. Our hybrid PVMS solutions have proven to be versatile and reliable.

  • Multiple drive PVMS

    Multiple variable sections in a single PVMS. This allows you to communicate different messages on a single PVMS.

  • Traffic speed limit sign

    Speed limit signs that show the right speed at specific moments of the day. This in order to minimize traffic jams and maximize safety on highways.

  • Smart traffic signs

    As globally infrastructures are expanding, the need for smart, sustainable and flexible traffic guidance is required.

  • Hard shoulder lane sign

    Prismatic variable message signs (PVMS) are utilised in order to improve a balanced traffic flow during rush-hours.

  • Solar Powered Prismatic VMS

    The great advantage of our PVMS is that they only require a small amount of power. Therefore they are ideal for low power solar applications.

  • Switzerland gantry PVMS

    Our expertise provides reliable and innovative solutions, which brings us into the global spotlight.

  • Australia gantry PVMS

    Rotapanel Prismatic Variable Message Signs keep on turning for years and years.

  • Finland gantry sign

    Equipped with stainless steel ball bearings. The mechanism starts without load and there is almost no stick-slip in the mechanism.

  • Poland gantry PVMS

    For decades now, our PVMS have demonstrated how the quality of the tiniest component helps meet the highest standards.

  • Hong Kong PVMS

    Each prism has its individual transmission with a large blocking surface, which results in a perfectly flat image.

  • The Netherlands PVMS

    Rotapanel’s state-of-the-art proven technology has undergone several tests and meets the European CE EN-12966 and EMC standards.

  • United Kingdom lane control PVMS

    The Rotapanel prisms run smoothly becauseof a unique, self-lubricating (containing 15%PTFE) maintenance-free drive system.