Various Projects

Over 25.000 Rotapanel displays of different kinds have been placed around the world in over 120 countries and we would love to share some of these projects with you.
  • Prismatic Billboard Signs

    Rotapanel is there to last. Our unique patented drive system has proven to be the most cost effective product on the market.

  • Rooftop Ultrawaves

    From small to XXL, Rotapanel Ultrawaves have been proven to be the most successful solution. Be assured our Ultrawaves are up for the task.

  • Outdoor LCD Advertising Display

    Durable and reliable outdoor LCD Advertising solutions that offer top notch visual performance under all conditions.

  • LCD Outdoor Kiosk Display

    Our LCD Outdoor Kiosk displays offer high-resolution images and high fidelity vibrant colours, day and night, without glare.

  • Gantry Ultrawaves

    From small to large and even extra-large signs, Rotapanel's unique proven reliable mechanism keeps performing.

  • Dynamic Art Projects

    Rotapanel has proudly been involved in many art projects around the globe and proven to be a reliable partner.

  • Poster Scroller 12 sqm.

    Maximum performance and long-term hassle-free operation with up to 8 posters per side.

  • Poster Scroller 18 sqm.

    Our biggest poster scroller solution. The 6x3 meter scroller assures an optimum viewing experience.

  • Indoor Mupi Poster Scroller

    Outdoor or indoor Mupi scrolling solutions are available in freestanding (single/double sided) and wall mounted versions.

  • Indoor LCD Totem

    Our indoor LCD Totem solutions are available in single and double sided freestanding versions.

  • Trivisions and Architecture

    When combining great architecture with a reliable Trivision advertising solution something amazing is happening.

  • Airport Mupi Sign

    Mupi scrollers' proven performance and neglectable maintenance aspects makes them ideal in any application.

  • Billboard Ultrawaves

    Having a great spot for a dynamic advertising solution? Rotapanel ultrawaves have proven to be the most affordable and economic solution.

  • Double Sided LCD Kiosk Display

    Fixed LCD Kiosk displays are available in single as well as double sided version and equipped with a cloud based content management system.

  • Trivision Billboards

    Rotapanel Trivisions will provide you piece of mind and an unparalleled field up-time.

  • Dynamic Advertising Signs

    Dynamic advertising signs from Rotapanel are tailor made, therefore available in any size. From small to XXL, we manufacture signs that will fit your needs.

  • Rooftop LED Advertising Display

    Planning a LED Advertising display upon your roof requires a different approach as many mechanical and structural factors play a key role.

  • LED Displays on Heights

    In urban environments where LED Displays are installed on heights environmental factors such as brightness and colour play a key role.