Various Projects

Over 25.000 Rotapanel displays of different kinds have been placed around the world in over 120 countries and we would love to share some of these projects with you.
  • LED display 9.6 x 5.76 m

    The perfect solution to show your audience dynamic advertisements with high attention value.

  • High quality LED video wall

    With high resolution LED video walls you ensure maximum impact and attention value with any visuals you want to show to your audience.

  • Slim wall mounted LED display

    A LED display mounted on a wall gives a significant upgrade to that wall. Make it look like your screen is part of the wall with our slim LED displays.

  • LED video wall

    LED video walls are easy to install as they are built up of separate screens that fit together to create a seamless display.

  • LED videowall on school

    Our LED video walls are used worldwide for various applications. Both advertisements and practical information are found on our screens.

  • Outdoor LED videowall

    Our LED video walls offer ultimate flexibility allowing you to show stunning visuals anywhere.

  • LED billboard on pole

    We offer several standard LED billboard pole solutions, but we can also make customized designs.

  • XXL LED display

    At night Rotapanel LED displays are in a perfect harmony with the environmental light without distracting the viewer.

  • Rooftop LED display

    The balance between brightness and vivid colours makes your advertisements standout and grabs the viewer’s attention.

  • Indoor LED screen

    Our experience with LED indoor screens ensures that we can deliver the ideal screen for you!

  • Church LED video wall

    Our display solutions can be used for e.g. streaming video or content such as lyrics, scripture and much more. Bring sermons to life with Rotapanel church led displays!

  • CityLED

    The options for flexible employability of this screen makes it an affordable and convenient solution.

  • Mobile LED display

    With our mobile LED displays you are assured of ease of installation, ready to show your stunning visuals in the blink of an eye.

  • All-in-one LED billboard

    Set up our ready to use LED displays in just moments after delivery, with the same quality level you can always rely on in Rotapanel products.

  • Curved LED display

    Curved LED displays can be an ideal solution for urban environments. Catch people’s eyes with a pixel-perfect curved LED screen that will make your visuals stand out!

  • Outdoor LED display

    The displays we produce are able to withstand extreme temperatures and will not break due to excess rain or influence of other elements.

  • Multiple drive PVMS

    By adding multiple drive systems in 1 PVMS we create great variety, making it perfectly suitable for complex infrastructural situations.

  • Gantry PVMS Poland

    The gantry PVMS system allows you to change the sign face depending on the traffic situation quickly.

  • Gantry PVMS Israël

    The rugged design and proven technology of PVMS guarantees maximum operating reliability with minimum maintenance costs.