Various Projects

Over 25.000 Rotapanel displays of different kinds have been placed around the world in over 120 countries and we would love to share some of these projects with you.
  • Trivisions and Architecture

    When combining great architecture with a reliable Trivision advertising solution something amazing is happening.

  • Airport Mupi Sign

    Mupi scrollers' proven performance and neglectable maintenance aspects makes them ideal in any application.

  • Billboard Ultrawaves

    Having a great spot for a dynamic advertising solution? Rotapanel ultrawaves have proven to be the most affordable and economic solution.

  • Hybrid Prismatic Traffic Signs

    With horizontal or vertical prisms our most trusted signs are being the dynamic part of larger fixed traffic signs.

  • Double Sided LCD Kiosk Display

    Fixed LCD Kiosk displays are available in single as well as double sided version and equipped with a cloud based content management system.

  • Trivision Billboards

    Rotapanel Trivisions will provide you piece of mind and an unparalleled field up-time.

  • Dynamic Advertising Signs

    Dynamic advertising signs from Rotapanel are tailor made, therefore available in any size. From small to XXL, we manufacture signs that will fit your needs.

  • Rooftop LED Advertising Display

    Planning a LED Advertising display upon your roof requires a different approach as many mechanical and structural factors play a key role.

  • LED Displays on Heights

    In urban environments where LED Displays are installed on heights environmental factors such as brightness and colour play a key role.

  • Indoor LED display

    For advertising in malls, event screens, control rooms, churches, TV studios, exhibition centers, showrooms or interactive applications.

  • Ready-to-use LED display

    Communicate your message on any size and at any resolution you want in a truly impactful way.

  • Mobile LED display

    With our mobile CityLED displays you are able to share any message, anywhere you want.

  • Urban LED screen

    Our UrbanLED blends in with the environment but still stands out enough to make your visuals catch the eye of your audience.

  • Easy to deploy LED screen

    We’ve made assembling the screen on-site as easy as possible. Changing the visuals you’re showing is just as easy.

  • Big LED billboard of Dutch quality

    Quality of our products and services are key. We manufacture your LED billboard according to the highest standards in the industry.

  • Big LED billboard

    Wherever your display is located, inside, outside or in harsh environments Rotapanel provides displays with your requirements at the core.

  • Unipole LED display

    With huge impact in vibrant high definition colours during day and night in order to get your message across.

  • XL LED display

    Appealing architecture with an amazing XXL LED display resulting in a true eye-catcher.