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Rotapanel provides prism road signs for situations where multiple messages need to be displayed. More than 10.000 of our Prisma Variable Message Signs have already been installed across the globe. For decades governments from Switzerland to New Zealand are satisfied users of Rotapanel Prismatic VMS. The prism road signs are being used as directional, destination and hard shoulder lane signs on highways, bridges and tunnels.


Quality ensures a long life service

Rotapanel prism road signs have proven to be extremely durable and reliable under all conditions. The rugged design and technology of our prism traffic signs guarantees maximum operating reliability and minimizes maintenance, these features will give Rotapanel prism traffic signs unparalleled field uptime. Rotapanel’s state-of-the-art prism road sign technology has undergone several tests and meets the European CE EN-12966 and EMC standards. The patented maintenance-free prism positioning mechanism creates a flat image surface, even after many years of use, the mechanism starts without load because there is almost no stick-slip in the mechanism

Benefits of a Rotapanel prismatic VMS

A VMS rotating prism sign from Rotapanel has many benefits:

  • Patented prism positioning mechanism
  • High reliability due to extremely low internal friction
  • Self-lubricating thanks to addition of 15% PTFE, so minimum maintenance!
  • Starts without load due to unique design
  • Can be deployed in all climates thanks to robust design
  • No re-adjustment of prisms needed due to large blocking surface
  • Reliable performance due to minimum stick-slip
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Why Rotapanel?

  • Over 56 years of experience
  • References from 120+ countries
  • Trustworthy and customer-oriented
  • 7000 m2 factory in The Netherlands
  • Maximizes the value for our customers
  • Financially stable
  • Innovative and always using the latest techniques

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