Mobile LED display

With CityLED displays you are able to share any message, anywhere you want. Ensure everyone in the audience can enjoy what’s happening on stage or show stunning advertisements at any event.

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With a Rotapanel LED billboard you choose high quality, service and durability. With our many years of experience in the industry we have been able to elevate our production site to create high quality billboards that are fully customized to your needs.

  • The advantages of CityLED displays

    Our mobile LED displays are easy to transport using a truck. This allows you to install the screen anywhere you want to show impressive visuals. The options for flexible employability makes it an affordable and convenient solution.

  • Sizable flexibility with CityLED displays

    To ensure maximum flexibility and maximum quality for you we offer mobile LED displays. Everything is fully customizable, from size to the number of pixels to the brightness options of the screen.

Do you have a project?

If you have a project, please just let us know.
Our devoted and dedicated team of product specialists is always here to assist and help you realize your project in the most cost-effective way.

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  • Dutch quality mobile LED displays

    All of our displays are manufactured according to high Dutch quality standards and our CityLED displays are no exception. As a family business we are always looking for partnership to create the best solution for your screen.

  • Create your ideal CityLED display

    Depending on how you want to use your mobile LED display, besides your requirements regarding size and design, Rotapanel can provide a customized sign without any concession in quality.

Specific requirements?

If your project has specific integration requirements just simply let us know.
We are dedicated and devoted to manufacture the most reliable products in order to fit your needs to succeed.

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