Buy a LED advertising-column that will last

Looking for a LED advertising column?

Would you like more publicity for your business? Or would you like to communicate a message to a certain target group? All this is possible with a LED advertising column from Rotapanel. A LED advertising column is the perfect solution to show an advertisement or information. Place the LED column at a location where many people come along. For example, along the motorway or at a carpark, petrol station or shopping centre. Anyway, choose a location where you can reach your target group.

Benefits of a LED advertising column

A LED advertising column from Rotapanel has many benefits. First of all, the image of the advertising column is extremely clear and unrivalled clarity and colour makes your advertising messages jump out of the screen and come to life! Another benefit is that the content of the advertising column can be easily adjusted to any situation with the help of our user-friendly software. Reliable in practically all weather conditions, from polar cold to desert heat.

Various designs

Every customer is different and has personal wishes, therefore our products are available in various designs. Would you like a large LED screen for outside? No problem. Just come to us and we create a LED advertising column that complies with all your wishes and requirements.

Requesting quotation

Would you like to know which price you must consider when you want to purchase a LED advertising column? Please request a quotation without any obligations. So, you know exactly where you stand.

Want to know more about a LED advertising column?

Do you still have any questions about a LED advertising column after reading this article? For example, are you wondering what type of LED advertising column you require to communicate your message in the best possible way? Please do not hesitate to contact us and we gladly give you personal advice, so you purchase the right LED advertising column.