An eye catcher full of possibilities

Do you want to buy a LCD totem?

Would you like to communicate a message to your visitors at a trade fair or in your shop? But how can you make sure that your message stands out? Why not opt for a LCD totem from Rotapanel. This totem is suitable for indoor applications. You can show both dynamic images as information to the target group that you want to reach. What exactly do you want to achieve?

The search for the appropriate LCD totem

You have made up your mind: you would like to purchase a LCD totem. But what type? Rotapanel has various designs available, so it all depends on what you are looking for. One of our most popular models is the 55” LCD totem. Is this display large enough to communicate a message? Would you prefer a larger screen? Why not opt for a larger totem.

Single-sided and double-sided

Would you like your message to be visible on one side? Then you should select a single-sided LCD totem. These are available in various sizes. Would you like to show a message on two sides? Then the double-sided totem is the solution. Of course it is always possible to adjust a message. This can be done very easily thanks to our user-friendly software. In addition, the totem is easy to move. So, ideal if your company or organisation is often present at a trade fair.

Requesting a quotation

Do you believe that a LCD totem is the ideal visual support to communicate your message as well as possible? And would you like to know the price if you want to purchase an indoor LCD totem? Please request a quotation without any obligations. This gives you insight into the price and you are not faced with surprises.

Questions about a LCD totem?

Do you have any questions about a LCD totem? Please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by mail but also by telephone.