Scrolling posters

Scrolling posters by Rotapanel are the industry leader regarding high quality design and technology. Our scrolling posters can hold up to 8 posters per side, compared to 3-5 posters in other systems. We offer several standardized scrolling poster designs, but are also able to meet your custom needs.

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Scrolling posters that last a lifetime

Rotapanel scrolling posters use full digital control. This approach minimizes paper tension which can triple poster life, compared to traditional scrolling posters. Our scrolling posters also use an optical detection system which is 12 times more accurate than standard detection systems. No metal reference stickers need to be attached to the posters. This is our way to provide another way to ensure you of error free operation. The scrolling poster that lasts you a lifetime.

  • The next generation of scrolling posters

    With our scrolling posters we are introducing the next generation for these commercial displays. We’ve eliminated the most vulnerable elements in the scrolling posters to create a product that needs minimal upkeep.

  • Place your scrolling posters anywhere

    Placing scrolling posters outdoor brings along different environment conditions. Our proven electronics regulates and processes changes in conditions such as air humidity, this to ensure the posters remain perfectly positioned.

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  • Scrolling posters for urban environments

    Scrolling posters are a great way to show various advertisements in the same place in urban spaces where space is limited. Our scrolling posters allow up to 8 posters in one single sided sign!

  • Extra-large scrolling posters

    Sometimes you just need something bigger. Our extra-large scrolling posters provide just that! Place them on the side of buildings or on their own pole system. Feel free to ask us about the options for your application.

Specific requirements?

If your project has specific integration requirements just simply let us know.
We are dedicated and devoted to manufacture the most reliable products in order to fit your needs to succeed.

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  • Scrolling posters on buildings

    Scrolling posters on buildings are a great way to boost a boring wall and turn it into a visual element with great attention value. Depending on your needs, we can provide different designs and sizes.

  • Vertical and horizontal scrolling posters

    Scrolling posters are available in both landscape and portrait orientations. This makes them an excellent fit for different places.

Need a solution?

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  • Various poster scrollers

    We offer many different kinds of poster scrollers. If you don’t see your specific need listed here, don’t hesitate to ask us about the options! We’re here to help you get the perfect sign for your application.

  • Mupi scrollers

    Mupi scrollers share the same design philosophy as our scrolling posters. Standard available in various versions in a 1 m² and 2 m² size, but we are also able to meet your custom needs.


If you have questions, please just let us know.
Our devoted and dedicated team of product specialists are always here to assist you when you have questions.

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