A family business founded in 1964, with over 7.000 m2 of manufacturing under one roof.

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In our process your needs are where we start. Learn more about us and how we translate our passion for technology to your perfect display.

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Offering the highest quality dynamic displays is what we do. Because we want you to be able to rely on our product without worry. But ultimately, we want everyone to be able to enjoy the quality of our signs and screens, wherever they are.

Our philosophy

In each step of the process, from concept to finished product, we keep in mind what’s best for you as our customer and what will enhance the experience of the end user. Our goal is to unburden you and be the trusted partner that allows you to relax throughout the process. To do so we sit down with our customers to find out their needs and how we can unburden them. Every situation is different and so are the needs of our customers. With Rotapanel you are ensured of quality, not only in products but just as much in service.

Advanced technology

In our rich history we have gained tremendous experience in creating the technology that fits the situation, because one size does not fit all. With advanced machinery in-house we are able to offer you state-of-the-art products that provide maximum reliability in all weather and climate conditions.

Worldwide reliability

In over 55 years we have supplied dynamic signs to 120 countries worldwide. In these years we have built the reputation of supplying reliable and durable signs that last. As a family business, we understand that trust and reliability are the most important ingredients of successful partnerships.

We focus on building long-term partnerships by always going the extra mile for you. This creates a situation that benefits everyone. We’re confident that we can offer the ideal solution for your dynamic displays and we hope to meet you soon.


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